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August 21, 2015

ATP – Garanti Koza Deal Brings Opportunities

-, levent, Istanbul, Turkey

- - Garage - Bedroom - Bathroom

Since the day Garanti Koza was founded in 1948, they have successfully completed more than 200 projects, both as a contractor and as a real estate developer. Many household names in Turkey (including Koç University, BJK Plaza Business and Trade Centre, the Kalamış Marina and the American Hospital, the Kuzgun Dam, the Ford Otosan Factory) built by company’s skilled and committed teams.

Abroad, the Central Bank of Russia in Moscow and the Hilton Hotel in Mecca are some of accomplishments in the international arena.

With 64 years of trusted history and a solid background in the industry, Garanti Koza is one of the most experienced and respected firm in the sector,as well as one of the few which is able to considerably impact the construction and real estate landscape of Turkey.

Garanti Koza now has a deal with Arab Turkish Properties LLC in GCC for it’s expansion in the region.

Property Map

About the author, AdminTurkishProperty

Arab Turkish Properties is settled in the region since 2004. Since the removal of property sales limitation rules in Turkey for foreign internationals, Arab Turkish Properties started to communicate the high end service in between Turkish Property market and the all scale GCC investors.

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