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July 25, 2016

Spectacular Istanbul Mansion
with Bosphorus View

Beykoz, Istanbul, , Turkey

580m2 3 Garage 6 Bedroom 6 Bathroom

Imagine a mansion…
Where two continents meet. The beauty of its architecture and interior design will take your breath away. The landlords of this unique mansion are still the first owners of it. The location is truly a miracle and almost impossible to find another one like it, in Istanbul:

Four-floor mansion with net interior area of 580 square meters lays in beautiful natural grass greens and fruit trees of 1000 square meters. The majority of rooms are facing the gorgeous Bosphorus scenery, where the other rooms capture the view of green forest and baby-blue swimming pools.

The architecture and interior design are passionately created at the heart of Istanbul. Only 500 meters away from the second bridge and few kilometers away to the city’s main business area, Maslak. On the other hand, it is easy to have a wonderful break, maybe even a horseback ride at the forests of Riva which are also few kilometers away at the Anatolian side.

The Mansion delivers you:

– 580m2 Mansion on beautiful 1000m2 Green Garden
– with 4 Floors, 2 Large Living Rooms, 1 Rooftop Studio, 2 Large& 2 Kitchenettes,
– Steel Barbecue Garden Kitchen, In-house Gym,
– 6 Rooms, 6 Bathrooms, 3 Private Car and Closed Motorcycle Parking Lot.
– 24 Hour High Security Entrance, Pools, Tennis Court, Squash and more.

and more.


The owner will provide you the property directly with NO COMMISSIONS to be paid for any middle person.


More Information for who wants to focus more:

Four Floors of Beauty

Floor 1
Main Garden Level

Garden level is a major living area of its own. This is the second entry to the Mansion.Lovely red Italian kitchen, the big family dinner area, relaxing media corner and even the gym,all have direct access to fascinating Bosphorus view. The gym room has another section as a food cellar. Next to the glass doors of Gym lays the library area,
guest room and servant’s room and bathroom. Besure the ground level has another marvelous bathroom for guests and company. The second kitchen by the servant’s room is a great way to keep the main one clean at all times. The terrace with large party area and steel barbecue kitchen room will capture many special moments of celebration for family and friends.



Floor 2
Entry Level

A dreamlike wall of natural pearls greets guests at the entry door. Large glass front section, kings&queens-like living room,large kitchen, golden bathroom, one balcony facing the pools and another two are facing the blues of seas.



Floor 3
Three rooms, each possesses jakuzzi bathroom of its own. Two bedrooms facing the Bosphorus view and the office room with the relaxing sceen of swimming pool and forest.



Floor 4
Studio Apartment

Sky view bedroom ceiling with 180 degrees access to Boshporus view terrace, is a full comfort living section. In-studio kitchen and the bathroom are designed elegantly. The roof is surrendered with hidden lacquered wardrobes which are fantastic storage areas for all occasions. Next room is an authentic hookah room with access to terrace.




Property Map

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Arab Turkish Properties is settled in the region since 2004. Since the removal of property sales limitation rules in Turkey for foreign internationals, Arab Turkish Properties started to communicate the high end service in between Turkish Property market and the all scale GCC investors.

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